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Havlíček Villa, Břeclav–Poštorná

A late historicist building was built in Poštorná in 1908–1909 by Johann II, Prince of Liechtenstein, according to the design of the Liechtenstein court architect Karl Weinbrenner, from whom also comes the most distinctive building of Poštorná – The Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, which is located nearby. The three-storey villa attracts [...]

City Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna

Work on the original palace began in 1691, commissioned by Count Dominik Andreas Kaunitz to plans by Enrico Zuccalli. Nevertheless, in 1694, Prince Johann Adam Andreas I Liechtenstein purchased the unfinished building and with a purpose to rebuild it as the family’s principal residence. This task was completed by Domenico Martinelli and prominent contemporary artists [...]

LVHF Lichtenštejnský městský palác ve Vídni

The Knight’ Hall of Lednice Chateau

The noble family of Liechtenstein did not overlook the construction of the castle itself.  They altered the exterior in line with dominant contemporary building styles and also expanded the building. After baroque came classicism and then empire This was followed by the present-day English Tudor Gothic beauty of the chateau which was created in the [...]

LVHF Zámek Lednice (c) Jan Miklín

St Cyril and Methodius Chapel Břeclav

CHAPEL OF ST. CYRIL AND METHODIUS According to a plan of Jan Heidrich, the neo-gothic chapel was built in 1856 on the command of Aloys II, Prince of Liechtenstein, as a gesture of thankfulness for recovery from a serious illness. Comprehensive reconstruction of the chapel’s exterior and interior took place in the 1970s and 1980s, [...]

LVHF Kaple sv. Cyrila a Metoděje Břeclav

Galerie Korek (Korek Gallery)

Galerie Korek (Korek Gallery) is part of a 17th century Baroque house. It is located in the beautiful area of the castle gate in Valtice, which you can enter from Valtice Square. The house was originally used to accommodate princely visitors, guards and musicians (1643–1802), court officials and later the visiting artists from Vienna as well. The [...]

Pond Chateau Lednice

Pond Chateau Lednice (Czech: Rybniční zámeček, German: Teichsalett) is the charming Classicist one-storey mansion which dominates the northern bank of the Middle Pond (Prostřední rybník). The Chateau was built in 1814–1816 by Prince Johann I of Liechtenstein by a design by architect Josef Kornhäusel. This gave rise to a small basement villa with a view on [...]

LVHF Rybniční zámeček (c)

Chateau de Frontière (Hraniční zámeček)

Půvabný klasicistní zámeček je považován za největší hraniční mezník na světě. Za účelem relaxace a odpočinku ho nechal vystavět kníže Jan I. Josef z Lichtenštejna jako poslední ze série staveb k potěše oka i těla při projížďkách po okolí. Zámeček sloužil jako letní sídlo Lichtenštejnů. Původní záměr architekta Josefa Engela – dva hrady spojené mostem [...]

LVHF2021 Chateau de Frontiere

Chateau Wilfersdorf (Austria)

Wilfersdorf Castle can be found in the Weinviertel (wine district) in the town of Wilfersdorf, in the Mistelbach district. The castle has been continuously owned by the Liechtenstein family and serves today as the property management offices of the princely estate in Weinviertel. It is renowned for its princely cellars. Around 1600, Gundakar of Liechtenstein [...]

LVHF Zámek Wilfersdorf (c)

Ceremony Hall Jewish Cemetery in Břeclav

Today’s dominant feature of the Jewish burial grounds – the neo-gothic ceremony hall from 1892 – had a turbulent fate. The prominent Austrian architect and politician Franz Knight von Neumann, whose most famous works include the neo-gothic town hall in Liberec and Frýdlant, the first lookout tower on Praděd (collapsed in 1959) and many buildings [...]

LVHF Břeclav Obřadní síň (c)

Garden Palace Liechtenstein, Vienna

Being over three hundred years old and located in the very heart of Vienna, this Liechtenstein residence represents a symbiosis of nature, architecture and extremely valuable art collections. The impressively renovated Sala Terrena, the Baroque Hercules Hall and the Ladies’ Apartments, together with the beautiful gardens, create the impression of real aristocratic lives, and the [...]

LVHF Gartenpalais Liechtenstein

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