Pond Chateau Lednice

Pond Chateau Lednice (Czech: Rybniční zámeček, German: Teichsalett) is the charming Classicist one-storey mansion which dominates the northern bank of the Middle Pond (Prostřední rybník). The Chateau was built in 1814–1816 by Prince Johann I of Liechtenstein by a design by architect Josef Kornhäusel. This gave rise to a small basement villa with a view on the Temple of Apollo, the ponds and the Temple of the Three Graces and Nový dvůr. As early as in 1822, major adjustments were to be made under the supervision of Josef Franz Engel, but probably because of its financial demands, this reconstruction was not fully carried out. Cheaper modifications, in the form of arcades with five arches on both sides of the building, were then removed before 1840. Therefore, we see the mansion in its original form nowadays.

The Chateau is a building on a regular ground plan with a hanging central risalits, which is decorated with an extended viewing balcony on the first floor of the arcade and topped with a triangular gable with a harp motif and a floral ornament.

Large french windows are a distinctive feature of the first floor. On the ground floor there are two housing units and a stone staircase with a wrought-iron handrail can climb to the first floor, where there are two corner lounges (social and hunting) and a festive, richly decorated hall with access to the balcony.

The ground floor originally housed an apartment for hunters, later for the gardener and the nobility who stopped occasionally while hunting. In 1923, Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein, former owner of the Chateau, rented the chateau to the University of Agriculture in Brno (today‘s Mendel University) for the purpose of exploring the local fauna and flora. The Chateau is still used for this purpose. It is interesting to note that in the summer months there is a large colony of Geoffroy’s bat living in the attic of the chateau – in 2009 its number was estimated at 900 individuals.



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