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Garden Palace Liechtenstein, Vienna

Being over three hundred years old and located in the very heart of Vienna, this Liechtenstein residence represents a symbiosis of nature, architecture and extremely valuable art collections. The impressively renovated Sala Terrena, the Baroque Hercules Hall and the Ladies’ Apartments, together with the beautiful gardens, create the impression of real aristocratic lives, and the [...]

LVHF Gartenpalais Liechtenstein

Valtice Castle Riding Hall

The main princely residence in Valtice experienced its biggest expansion in the 17th and 18th centuries. During this period, Valtice castle was built – its appearance has changed little relative to today’s. Karel I of Liechtenstein (1569-1627) and his son Karel Eusebio (1611-1684) created a three-courtyard palace complex surrounded by a number of agricultural buildings [...]

LVHF Zámek Valtice (c)

Valtice Castle Theatre

The Castle Theatre in Valtice is part of a set of buildings which, from the 14th century, have had a complex history in the hands of members of the Liechtenstein family. In the late 16th Century, Valtice Castle became their main residence. Today’s form is the result of construction activity that mainly occurred in the [...]

LVHF Zámecké divadlo Valtice (c)

Church of St. James the Elder, Lednice

The gothic church which was the predecessor of today’s chateau church was destroyed by the Hussites in 1426. A new parish and chateau church was built in 1495 and dedicated to St James the Elder. However, the expansion of the castle in 1731 necessitated the construction of a new church, which was built on the [...]

LVHF Zámek Lednice (c) Jan Miklín

The Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, Břeclav–Poštorná

At the end of the 19th century, the people of Poštorna began asking their ruler, Prince Jan II. of Liechtenstein for a new church, which would replace the already inadequate sanctuary. (According the parish chronicle the old church was built in 1339.  It was mentioned there again in 1570). The old church, which stood on [...]

LVHF Kostel Navštívení Panny Marie Břeclav-Poštorná

Valtice Castle Chapel

During the reign of Prince Josef Johan Adam of Liechtenstein (1721-1732) the residence at Valtice was the most important family architectural work. The Baroque chapel which forms part of the Castle is one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. This baroque jewel was built in the years 1726-1729 by Antonio Beduzzi, who was [...]

LVHF Zámecká kaple Valtice

Pond Chateau Lednice

Pond Chateau Lednice (Czech: Rybniční zámeček, German: Teichsalett) is the charming Classicist one-storey mansion which dominates the northern bank of the Middle Pond (Prostřední rybník). The Chateau was built in 1814–1816 by Prince Johann I of Liechtenstein by a design by architect Josef Kornhäusel. This gave rise to a small basement villa with a view on [...]

LVHF Rybniční zámeček (c)

Chateau de Frontière

The charming classicist chateau is considered to be the largest border landmark in the world. It was built on the impulse of Johann I Joseph, Prince of Liechtenstein, as the last of buildings that should please the eye and body while riding around. The original intention of the architect Joseph Franz Engel – two castles [...]

LVHF2021 Chateau de Frontiere

Belveder Pleasure-House Valtice

Belvedere – the Empire pleasure-house – was designed by architect Joseph Hardtmuth at the instigation of Alois I, Prince of Liechtenstein. Prince bought the land on the Liščí (Fox) Hill in 1802 not only to build a representative building, but also a peasantry in the farm buildings nearby. However, he did not live to see [...]

LVHF2021 Belveder Valtice

Havlíček Villa, Břeclav–Poštorná

A late historicist building was built in Poštorná in 1908–1909 by Johann II, Prince of Liechtenstein, according to the design of the Liechtenstein court architect Karl Weinbrenner, from whom also comes the most distinctive building of Poštorná – The Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, which is located nearby. The three-storey villa attracts [...]

LVHF Havlíčkova vila (c)