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Lednice Riding Hall

In 1560 Georg Hartmann I. Liechtenstein came into the indebted Mikulov estate. In the same year, he inherited the family line of Valtice Hartmann II. (1544-1585) Lednice. Riding stables were crucial in the time of Emperor Maximilian. Extensive facilities for horse breeding were founded In Royal courts during this period.  In the Baroque period these [...]

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Ceremony Hall, Jewish Cemetery in Břeclav

Today’s dominant feature of the Jewish burial grounds – the neo-gothic ceremony hall from 1892 – had a turbulent fate. The prominent Austrian architect and politician Franz Knight von Neumann, whose most famous works include the neo-gothic town hall in Liberec and Frýdlant, the first lookout tower on Praděd (collapsed in 1959) and many buildings [...]

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Synagogue in Breclav

The original wooden synagogue from the beginning of the 16th century was destroyed by Swedish troops in 1643. At the end of the 17th century, a stone building was built on the site of today’s synagogue, which was rebuilt several times and served the Jewish community until the second half of the 19th century. However, due to insufficient [...]

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Lednice Minaret

Lednice Minaret is about 62 meters high romantic lookout tower located in the park of the Lednice Chateau. It is the oldest preserved lookout tower in the Czech Republic, the only minaret on the Czech territory and the tallest building of this type outside the Islamic countries as well. Initiated Alois I of Liechtenstein, the [...]

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The Knight’ Hall of Lednice Chateau

The noble family of Liechtenstein did not overlook the construction of the castle itself.  They altered the exterior in line with dominant contemporary building styles and also expanded the building. After baroque came classicism and then empire This was followed by the present-day English Tudor Gothic beauty of the chateau which was created in the [...]

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Chateau Mikulov

Archaeological findings from the end of the 11thcentury confirm the small settlement on the Chateau hill of Mikulov. It probably served the protective purpose, which helped to protect the new Moravian-Austrian borderline. This simple construction burnt down later. Apparently, Přemysl Otakar I, the King of Bohemia, or his brother Vladislav Jindřich, the Margrave of Moravia, [...]

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Pond Chateau Lednice

Pond Chateau Lednice (Czech: Rybniční zámeček, German: Teichsalett) is the charming Classicist one-storey mansion which dominates the northern bank of the Middle Pond (Prostřední rybník). The Chateau was built in 1814–1816 by Prince Johann I of Liechtenstein by a design by architect Josef Kornhäusel. This gave rise to a small basement villa with a view on [...]

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Chateau Wilfersdorf (Austria)

Wilfersdorf Castle can be found in the Weinviertel (wine district) in the town of Wilfersdorf, in the Mistelbach district. The castle has been continuously owned by the Liechtenstein family and serves today as the property management offices of the princely estate in Weinviertel. It is renowned for its princely cellars. Around 1600, Gundakar of Liechtenstein [...]

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Valtice Castle Theatre

The Castle Theatre in Valtice is part of a set of buildings which, from the 14th century, have had a complex history in the hands of members of the Liechtenstein family. In the late 16th Century, Valtice Castle became their main residence. Today’s form is the result of construction activity that mainly occurred in the [...]

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Valtice Castle Riding Hall

The main princely residence in Valtice experienced its biggest expansion in the 17th and 18th centuries. During this period, Valtice castle was built – its appearance has changed little relative to today’s. Karel I of Liechtenstein (1569-1627) and his son Karel Eusebio (1611-1684) created a three-courtyard palace complex surrounded by a number of agricultural buildings [...]

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