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International Lednice-Valtice Music Festival (LVMF) has secured a firm place in the cultural calendar during its eight years of existence, becoming one of the leading classical music festivals in the Czech Republic. Simultaneously, it has established itself as a significant project that enhances the reputation of the Czech Republic abroad. Each year, the festival focuses its attention on new themes reflecting the region’s history, its structures, significant musical anniversaries, and consistently presents musical premieres from the Valtice music collection. The festival is also popular among visitors from neighboring countries such as Austria and Slovakia.

LVMF takes place annually since 2016 in the Lednice-Valtice area in the South Moravian region, at the turn of September and October. Over fourteen days, eight concerts are held in historical buildings built by the Lichtenstein family. This family has deep roots in the area, providing the festival with a unique connection to history. In the past, this aristocracy invited musical productions from Brno and Vienna to their estate in the fall, coinciding with the peak of the hunting season.

From the first edition in 2016, which took place in an intimate format with just two concerts featuring Václav Hudeček as the main star, to the upcoming ninth edition in 2024, planned at the turn of September and October, the festival continues its efforts to bring excellent music, artistic experiences, and a high-quality educational program for children.

Accompanying Events

In addition to the concerts, the festival organizes accompanying events. One of them is the hosting of lectures related to the themes of the concerts and the current dramaturgy, led by experts in the field. These lectures provide deeper insights into the connection between music and cultural history.

The festival also conducts educational concerts for local schools, where students can familiarize themselves with various musical instruments, styles, and composers.

Noteworthy are also accompanying exhibitions of paintings or photographs related to the given theme and art workshops for the youngest children, combining the fields of visual arts and music in an entertaining way. All this is under the guidance of qualified visual artists and musical ensembles.

The Lednice-Valtice Music Festival offers a unique opportunity for music and history enthusiasts to discover the beauty of this region and immerse themselves in the world of music at stunning historical locations.

Since October 2022, the festival is also a proud member of the Czech Association of Festivals (ČAF).


Until 2023, eight editions of the festival have taken place


  1. Edition (LVMF 2016)

The first edition was chamber-like with only two concerts, one in Lednice and the other in the Valtice Castle Riding Hall, featuring Václav Hudeček as the main star, who has been a regular participant since then.

  1. Edition (LVMF 2017)

The second edition focused on the works of W. A. Mozart and F. Schubert, admired by the Lichtenstein family architect Josef Hardtmuth. Ensembles like Pavel Haas Quartet, PhilHarmonia Octet Prague, Janáček Chamber Orchestra, and Barocco sempre giovane performed. Soloists included Kateřina Javůrková, Jan Mráček, Jiří Bárta, and Patricia Janečková.

  1. Edition (LVMF 2018)

The third edition was led by the last conductor of the Lichtenstein family, Josef Triebensee. Together with the Czech Philharmonic Choir, St. Gelért Academy Orchestra, Belfiato Quintet, and Musica Florea, performers included Svatopluk Sem, Doubravka Součková, Aleksander Rewinski, and Petr Nekoranec with Simona Šaturová.

  1. Edition (LVMF 2019)

The fourth edition celebrated 300 years since the founding of the Lichtenstein Principality and 770 years since the Lichtensteins settled in the region. Several composers who served them, such as Johann Georg Orschler, Johann Melchior Pichler, and Nicolaus Zangius, were honored. Performers included Adam Plachetka, Collegium Marianum, PKF – Prague Philharmonie, Lukáš Vondráček, Cosima Soulez Lariviére, and others.

  1. Edition (LVMF 2020)

The fifth edition focused on classical music inspired by folk art in the broadest sense. It featured performances by Ostrava Klezmer Band, Janoska Ensemble, Janáček Chamber Orchestra accompanying Folkloreclassic, and Pavel Haas Quartet performing Smetana’s Quartet From My Life.

  1. Edition (LVMF 2021)

The sixth edition paid tribute to Antonio Vivaldi in each concert, marking 280 years since his death. World-renowned interpreters like Jakub Józef Orliński, Fabio Biondi, Amandine Beyer, and Delphine Galou, along with ensembles Ensemble Matheus, Ensemble Scaramuccia, Accademia Bizantina, Europa Galante, and others participated. The opening concert by Jakub Józef Orliński with Ensemble Matheus received significant acclaim from media critics. Lukáš Pavlica, for Časopis Harmonie, stated, “The opening concert sparked great expectations with its remarkable program and star-studded lineup. I dare say – even on my own – that many of these expectations were surpassed. The Lednice-Valtice Music Festival, with its opening concert, challenged not only other often much larger festivals with long-standing traditions but also partly challenged itself…”

Similar praise was garnered by Fabio Biondi’s closing concert with Europa Galante, where according to Jiří Vejvoda, “The festival’s finale, performed by the Europa Galante ensemble under the direction of Fabio Biondi, a virtuoso on baroque violin, lived up to the reputation of MIDEM Classical Award winners and Grammy nominees.”


  1. Edition (LVMF 2022)

The seventh edition focused on the music of the former Yugoslavia, guided by the Croatian composer Dora Pejačević. Czech and international artists performed her compositions, including Ensemble Illyrica with Josipa Bainac, Daniel Karvay, Vid Veljak, the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic, Aljoša Jurinič, Latica Anić, as well as Boris Prýgl and Nika Gorič with the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Ostrava.


  1. Edition (LVMF 2023)

The mission of the eighth edition of the Lednice-Valtice Music Festival in 2023 was to “give space to promising musicians.” In its programming, it focused attention on emerging stars in the music world. Over 14 days, it introduced a selection of young Czech and international talents accompanied by their mentors and renowned ensembles. The criteria for the final selection of rising stars LVMF 2023 were: under 25 years of age and recognized participation or victory in internationally acclaimed music competitions.

LVMF 2023 presented some of the most striking talents of the present day to the international audience, along with their mentors. The festival opened with the Brno Philharmonic (premiere at LVMF) conducted by Tomáš Netopil. The main concerts featured the PKF-Prague Philharmonia (PKF), Barocco sempre giovane, Wranitzky Kapelle, and Orquestrina Baborak.

Among established orchestras, one of the greatest talents the Czech Republic has ever had, violinist Daniel Matejča, the winner of Eurovision Young Musicians 2022, performed at two LVMF 2023 concerts. Other young Czech artists included double bassist Indi Stivín, pianist Matyáš Novák, conductor Nikol Kraft, oboist Tereza Tourková, soprano Adéla Řehořová, and the boys’ choir Boni pueri. International guests invited to LVMF 2023 included pianist Maxim Lando (USA), violinist Michelle Stern (USA), soprano Daria Kolisan (Ukraine), baritone Yurii Strakhov (Ukraine), and French horn player Victor Teodesiev (Bulgaria).

Marek Štilec, Radek Baborák, and Václav Hudeček were among the festival’s conductors and mentors.

  1. Edition (LVMF 2024)

LVMF 2024

LVMF 2024

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