LVHF 2021 Václav Kapsa & Francesco Fanna: přednášky

Lecture: Vivaldi and the Bohemian Lands

03 / 10 / 14.00

Who Václav Kapsa, musicologist
Where Chateau de Frontière (Hraniční zámeček)

From today’s perspective, Antonio Vivaldi’s (1678–1741) music seems to have hit the countries north of the Alps like a tsunami during the second decade of the 18th century. His compositions circulated in many different ways. Some of them led to the Bohemian lands. The lecture will trace the mutual contacts between Vivaldi and Bohemian aristocrats or composer’s cooperation with an Italian opera company in Prague. We cannot confirm Vivaldi’s visit to Bohemian lands by direct evidence, but we can document his music’s influence on local composers. Conversely, we will also consider how Czech contacts influence Vivaldi’s work.

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LVHF2021 Chateau de Frontiere


Musicologist Václav Kapsa has been dealing with the topic of aristocratic bands in the Kingdom of Bohemia in the 18th century for a long time. In his work, he specializes in musicians such as Antonín Möser, František Jiránek, Jan Joseph Ignaz Brentner and others. His research work in the field of the Prague aristocratic music ensemble of Count Václav of Morzin (Wenzel Humbert Graf von Morzin), who was a music patron of Antonio Vivaldi who dedicated many compositions to him, is significant. He is the author of a book from 2010 entitled Hudebníci hraběte Morzina. Příspěvek k dějinám šlechtických kapel v Čechách v době baroka (“Musicians of Count Morzin. A Contribution to the History of the Aristocratic Bands in Bohemia in the Baroque Period”). He publishes in specialized journals such as Musicologica Brunensia, Early music, Musicologica Slovaca, Czech music, Hudební věda, Journal of the Lute Society of America or prestigious yearbook Studi Vivaldiani. Since 2019, he has been working as a researcher at the Institute of Art History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. He deals mainly with the work of Prague composers of the early 18th century and is the researcher within the project Tematické katalogy českých skladatelů online (“The Thematic Catalogues of Czech Composers Online) within the Strategie AV 21, programme Paměť v digitálním věku (“Strategy AV21, Memory in the Digital Age”). Between 1999–2002, he worked at the Institute of Musicology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and between 2002–2018 at the Cabinet of Music History of the Institute of Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Since 1999, he is also active in the music department of the National Library of the Czech Republic, where, among other things, he participated in projects focused on the acquisition and digitization of the field information sources. He studied musicology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, where he received his doctorate in 2009.

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LVHF 2021 Václav Kapsa & Francesco Fanna: přednášky

13 / 10 / 17.00

Lecture: A Rediscovery of the Work of Antonio Vivaldi in the 20th Century

Who Francesco Fanna, director of Instituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi, Venice
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LVHF2021 Antonio Vivaldi Farnace | Musica Florea

15 / 10 / 19.00

Farnace | Contemporary Premiere

Who Musica Florea (Czech Republic)
Marek Štryncl, music production & conductor
Andrea Miltnerová (GB), directing & choreography
Václav Krajc & Jiří Bláha, scene
Eduardo García Salas (ES), directing assistant & artistic programmer
Kateřina Ďuricová, light design
Christopher Vinz (GB), costumes
Where Valtice Castle Theatre
LVHF2021 Europa Galante & Fabio Biondi (c) Ana Biondi

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Fabio Biondi & Europa Galante

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