LVHF 2021 Václav Kapsa & Francesco Fanna: přednášky

Lecture: A Rediscovery of the Work of Antonio Vivaldi in the 20th Century

13 / 10 / 17.00

Who Francesco Fanna, director of Instituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi, Venice
Where Belveder Pleasure-House Valtice

Francesco Fanna, the director of the Italian Antonio Vivaldi Institute in Venice, will present the story of the rediscovery of the work of Antonio Vivaldi, which has begun in the 1920s. The music of this famous Venetian, who was without exaggeration one of the most famous musicians of his time, fell into oblivion for two centuries after his death. The lecture will deal with the adventurous events during which Vivaldi’s private archive was discovered by an accident, which revived interest in his music and revealed a number of adventures that he carried out with the support of several enlightened personalities of his time.

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Francesco Fanna is the current director of the Italian Antonio Vivaldi Institute in Venice, founded in 1947 by his father Antonio, author of one of the first catalogues of Antonio Vivaldi’s works. Therefore, it is clear that the Fanna family is very closely connected with the Venetian master. Francesco Fanna studied violin with Antonio Carmignola and at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan with Paolo Borciani. Furthermore, he studied composition with one of the most famous Italian composers and teachers of the second half of the 20th century, Franco Donatoni, who influenced three generations of Italian authors. Later, he also studied conducting and choral conducting. He has performed as a conductor with the orchestras in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea and Japan. His ties to the Czech Republic are quite significant as he collaborated mainly with the Virtuosi di Praga orchestra and the publisher Lupulus, with which he made several films for Czech Television. Since 2005, he has been the artistic director of the Compagnia per la musica sacra (Society for Sacred Music) in Milan. Regarding the Vivaldi’s work, he focused his interest mainly on vocal-instrumental works. He made the historically first recording of Vivaldi’s opera La Griselda with Les solistes de Moscou-Montpellier for the label Arkadia and psalm Beatus vir RV 795 for label Agorà. He has been the director of the Italian Antonio Vivaldi Institute, which is part of the Giorgio Cini Foundation, since 1997.

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LVHF 2021 Václav Kapsa & Francesco Fanna: přednášky

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