Chateau Lány

According to the plans of the architect and construction director Joseph Hardtmuth, chateau Lány (also known as hunting lodge) was built on the Břeclav-Rabensburg border between 1810 and 1813. The builder was, as in the case of the nearby mansion Pohansko, field marshal Johann I Joseph of Lichtenstein. This short-lived structure with a rectangular foundation and a hipped roof originally contained only a large hall, connected to the hunter’s apartment and a side barn for feeding game. The interior was decoratively decorated, while still in 1813, among other things, wallpaper work was taking place there. During the construction work, Hardtmuth even submitted for approval an unknown plan for the construction of new and now non-existent elongated horse stables near the chateau.

However, the current form comes from the project of another princely architect – Karl Weinbrenner. He tried to respect the architectural morphology of his predecessor, but at the same time meet the needs of the prince. According to the planning documentation, the first partial extension of the building dates from 1911. Seven years later, further, more extensive construction modifications took place. It is surprising that at the end of the First World War, the then prince Johann II of Liechtenstein to build an architecturally distinctive southern apse, and the building was also increased by another residential floor.

By its very nature, the castle was used mainly in autumn, during the hunting season. Early pictures from the 1930s prove that Johan II’s brother – Franz I – liked it very much. After the Second World War and the subsequent “erection” of the so-called Iron Curtain, the building was used as a company of the Border Guard and underwent drastic structural modifications.

Since the 1990s, there have been more interested parties aiming to restore the devastated cultural monument. After a sensitive reconstruction by the current owner Robert Nemcsics, K.C.L.J., the chateau functions as a hotel for guests looking for calm and quiet moments for their business meetings, family celebrations or meetings.


Capacity 50 seats. Barrier-free entrance  Barrier-free entrance


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