Speech by the owners of ZFP Academy, general partner in the LVHF 2022 catalog

Piece of news - Friday July 15th, 2022

Dear friends of classical music,


We are very happy to be again a part of the Lednice-Valtice Music Festival, whose seventh birthday we will celebrate together this year.
We have founded ZFP Group in 1995 and for 27 years we have been one of the largest financial education and brokerage companies in our market. We educate and help to increase financial literacy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In recent years, our product focus has been on our own subsidiaries in the field of investments and financial provisioning. For example, we have built ZFP Real Estate Fund, one of the largest retail real estate funds in the Czech Republic, as well as other subsidiaries that should be part of every family portfolio.
In a world of difficulties that we have been through together, the coronavirus crisis has presented us all with a difficult test. Many social events could not take place and we realised how much we missed a vibrant culture. South Moravia has always been a region of good, hard-working, straightforward and reliable people who have honoured their traditions since forever, which is why we were so affected by the disaster caused by the tornado and dangerous storms there. Thanks to being a strong and successful company, we launched the ZFP Helps project and raised over CZK 3 million last year, which we distributed among 14 affected families. We are also aware of what is happening in the world that is affected by the war in Ukraine, so we launched a collection for the extraordinary and acute need for help for refugee mothers with children already in the country, and we are helping both financially and by providing asylum in our hotels.

This year’s theme of Moravian Croats is very close to our hearts. With our family, we visit Croatia regularly several times a year, which we have come to love for its uniqueness. Therefore, take the opportunity to stop with us and feel the musical history and creativity of this nation and fully enjoy the beauty of the Lednice-Valtice area. We, personally and together with the entire ZFP GROUP, wish you much well-being.



Jarmila and Vladimír Poliak | Founders and main shareholders of the ZFP Academy