LVHF2021 Krajina paměti (c) Honza Sakař

Photo exhibition: Memoryscape

Honza Sakař, photographer

16 / 10 / výstava otevřena do 30. 11. o víkendech vždy od 14 do 18 hodin

Who Honza Sakař, photographer
Where Havlíček Villa, Břeclav–Poštorná

Exhibition of photographs taken with a unique technique on metal plates
Event organizer


Free entry for LVMF 2021 ticket holders

The upcoming exhibition Memoryscape is being created in collaboration with a portrait and documentary photographer, a two-time winner of Czech Press Photo Honza Sakař, who also deals with large-format cameras and historical photographic techniques in addition to today’s usual digital photography. He takes pictures with 170-year-old technique called the wet collodion process, which creates unique black and white photographs in the form of direct positives on metal plates. Thematically, the exhibition is dedicated to the unique landscape architecture of the Lednice-Valtice area, which this year celebrates 25 years since its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Initially, its concept was inspired by the book of the Czech geologist and climatologist Václav Cílek Krajiny vnitřní a vnější (The Inner and Outer Landscapes). The exhibition aims to find the unique connections between living space and people who physically and culturally shape and cultivate the Podluží region and the surrounding area.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 11th October 2021 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. The exhibition will open to the public on Monday 16th October 2021. Holders of tickets to any of the LVMF 2021 concerts can visit the exhibition until 30th November 2021 free of charge upon presentation of their festival ticket.

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Who Collegium Marianum (Czech Republic)
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Soloists Patricia Janečková, soprano
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