Festival 2021

6th Lednice|Valtice Music Festival
2 – 16 October 2021

The festival prologue at September 23, 2021, Garden Palace Liechtenstein in Vienna
Launch of ticket sales on Mon March 15, 2021

Antonio Vivaldi

The largest European show of the music by Antonio Vivaldi in the new millennium!
The Venetian Carnival in the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape!
Programme: Eduardo García Salas and Jiří Partyka


Antonio Vivaldi – musical genius from the city of gondolas and carnivals. Being nicknamed “Red Priest”, he left behind a rich musical legacy not only in the form of instrumental concerts, but also chamber and sacred music as well as almost forty operas. However, friends, in all honesty, how many of us know from his work more than The Four Seasons? Many festival team members were no different, and therefore after the first view of the program of the year 2021, many sincerely exclaimed: “Won’t there be a little too much of Vivaldi after all?!” So we got homework – to go deeper into Vivaldi’s music. And the more we dived in, the more we were fascinated by this world full of playfulness and passion, delicate flirtation and exemplary devoutness, surprises, contrasts, innovations and ideas. Eventually, we approached the bold idea of to dedicating the whole festival – with a few exceptions – completely to Vivaldi with openness and enthusiasm. Impudence? Not at all! Fun, knowledge and constant amazement!

There is so much to look forward to. During the eight concerts, you will hear several world premieres of newly found works of Vivaldi, twelve Czech premieres and the last great “Vivaldi” discoveries, which will be performed by the top ensembles from Italy, Spain, France and the Czech Republic. And if that were not enough, we have incorporated a detective search for Vivaldi’s Czech footprint into each concert. It is unbelievable how our Czech and Moravian basin influenced the work of this Venetian master and how many of Vivaldi’s fundamental works were created thanks to the enlightenment and patronage of the Czech and Moravian nobility, including Joseph Johann Adam, Prince of Liechtenstein, in whose court Antonio Vivaldi worked around 1731 as “Maestro di cappella”. To sum up, you may look forward to the largest European exhibition of Vivaldi’s work in the new millennium, performed by top performers in the beautiful premises of the Lednice-Valtice area, which we are constantly discovering for you. This enhances the attractive premieres in 2021 even more.

And as we have already indicated, the entire 6th year of the festival will be such a small detective search. Therefore, we leave the first clue: the revelation of the LVHF 2021 programme will take place at exactly 10 a.m. on the day of Antonio Vivaldi’s birth! We are looking forward!