Invitation LVMF 2024

Piece of news - Monday July 10th, 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, supporters of LVMF,



Allow me to introduce the next edition of the festival, which will transport you to the mystical period closely intertwined with the history of the Lednice-Valtice area. The Lednice Park, one of the most significant garden complexes in Central Europe, continues to captivate attention with its rich architectural heritage. Its internal structure and symbolism reflect influential Masonic ideas and aesthetic principles, which have also inspired the programming of the Lednice-Valtice Music Festival 2024.

A key figure in the creation of the Lednice Park was Joseph Hardtmuth (1758–1816), an architect, inventor, and later the founder of the KOH-I-NOOR pencil factory (translated from Persian as “Mountain of Light”). His Enlightenment passion for architecture and beauty connected him with the prince and art patron of that time, Alois I of Liechtenstein (1759–1805). It was this close friendship and collaboration that brought not only aesthetic beauty but also symbolic depth to the park – the Lednice Park became a place that reflected the philosophical and artistic values of both men through architectural elements with Masonic symbolism. The central part of the old park was the so-called “Star,” created in the late 17th century in the Baroque style with trees and flowers arranged in geometric patterns and symbols. Subsequently, between 1794 and 1795, the Temple of the Sun was built in its center. Eight alleys lined with hornbeam trees led from it, culminating in dominant features of the park. Only a fragment of the former beauty of the Masonic garden has survived to this day, but the ancient hornbeam trees blooming annually serve as a reminder of the bygone era, creating a unique atmosphere.

The prologue of the 2024 festival will visit the Liechtenstein Castle in Moravský Krumlov, where Field Marshal Karl Borromäus Joseph of Liechtenstein (1730–1789) lived with his wife Maria Eleonora. He, like the later prince from the main line of this noble family, Jan I (1760–1836), was a member of the St. Joseph Masonic Lodge in Vienna, where he aligned himself with the so-called “Asiatic Brethren” in terms of views. Furthermore, the castle is currently the home of the famous work of the Grand Master of Freemasonry, Alphonse Mucha’s Slav Epic, which visitors will be able to see during this concert.

It is also worth mentioning the name of the lawyer, teacher, Enlightenment thinker, Freemason, and writer Joseph von Sonnenfels, a native of Mikulov in Moravia. His friendship with Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven contributed to the enrichment of the cultural and social life of that time. Beethoven even dedicated his Piano Sonata Op. 28 to Sonnenfels. Both revered the ideals of freedom and respect for free art, which are the main principles of Freemasonry. This will undoubtedly be evident in the final concert of LVMF when Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 will resound in the Riding Hall of Valtice Castle, delivering a message of unity and brotherhood in connection with our cultural identity and heritage. The festival will present compositions by other composers who were influenced by Masonic thought from the Enlightenment period to the almost present day, including W. A. Mozart, J. Ch. Bach, J. Haydn, J. N. Hummel, F. Liszt, J. Sibelius, D. Ellington, and others. These compositions will be performed by top-notch artists, with violin virtuoso Maxim Vengerov expected to be the festival’s main star. The Czech Republic will be represented by the PKF – Prague Philharmonia, flutist Jana Semerádová, Ensemble Clarimonia with Irvin Venyš, Musica Florea, Czech Ensemble Baroque Orchestra & Choir, Collegium Marianum, and others.

The Lednice-Valtice Music Festival 2024 will once again present an innovative program, and the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy it in locations steeped in history and art within the LVA and neighboring towns. You can look forward to this (not only) musical experience from 28th September to 12th October 2024, with the prologue on 14th September 2024.


Come and let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere that combines art, music, and architecture. All of this is made possible with the kind support of our partners, without whom this unique cultural project could not take place.



MgA. Jiří Partyka, Director of LVMF