Balkan inspirations

Lednice-Valtice Music Festival

From 26 August to 8 October 2022

The theme of the 7th LVMF is related to the story of the Moravian Croats, the inhabitants of today’s Croatia. After the constant Turkish conquests during the old times, they went to the northern parts of the Habsburg Monarchy with a vision of a calmer life. Most of them settled on the territory of today’s Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, but some of them came to South Moravia at the invitation of the Liechtenstein family. In 2022, the festival will introduce performers with “Balkan” blood circulating in their veins as we will present the musically rich legacy of this region, whose ties to the Czech and Moravian basins are surprising by their intensity and interesting historical context. Therefore, we will move from Italy to the countries of former “Yugoslavia” – we hope that you will follow us on this journey again. We start the ticket sales for this year on 22nd March 2022.

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