The 9th LVMF will be an artistic work of musical and Freemasonic ideas

Sheet music changes, music flair remains

Concerts of classical music defined by the reciprocity of mutual richness and Freemasonic symbolism – such an arrangement is presented on the programme of LVMF 2024. The visitors will be presented with the secrets of music world, from the LVMF Prologue at Moravský Krumlov Chateau through the Opening Gala with PKF – Prague Philharmonia and the world-class violin virtuoso Maxim Vengerov to the Final Gala at Valtice Castle. Dates for such musical exploration are set on 14 September to 12 October 2024 in Lednice-Valtice Area in South Moravia. On-line ticket sale already available.

Maxim Vengerov


Director of the festival Jiří Partyka describes the initiative leading to the programme: “Freemasonry symbolizes mysticism, art and science. For the 9th edition of the LVMF, we were looking for a theme that was both iconic and yet carrying musical inspiration. We were encouraged by the Masonic garden of Lednice Chateau which is accessible to everyone, but only to those who are interested in this forgotten corner of the chateau park.”


Opus of Mastery

The Freemasonic theme will be interweaved through each of the LVMF 2024 concerts. In its Prologue, Moravský Krumlov as the residence of Masonic Lodge member Karl Borromäus of Liechtenstein is more than representative venue. Martinů Voices and Benda Quartet are inviting to the new musical dimensions enclosed by the presence of The Slavic Epic by Maestro Alfons Mucha.

The Slavic epic by Alphonse Mucha


Jiří Partyka introduces the opening gala: “The LVMF 2024 theme is strongly reflected in the programme of the opening gala. One of the world’s finest violinists, Maxim Vengerov, accompanied by PKF – Prague Philharmonia, will perform violin concertos by W. A. Mozart, a composer also strongly associated with Freemasonry.” He adds: “Sinfonia in G by Carl Friedrich Abel, Freemason and chamber musician to Queen Charlotte, will also be performed as discovered in the Valtice Music Archive.” The Lednice-Valtice Music Festival regularly uses this historical music collection, making such unusual heritage of South Moravia enrich our contemporary days.
The programme of each of the LVMF 2024 concerts follows the line of the Freemasonic theme or symbolism. Furthermore, final gala concert will be reinforced by the 20th anniversary of the Czech Republic accession to the EU. The Lednice-Valtice Music Festival will commemorate this moment of Czech modern history through the European anthem in its original form as part of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony no. 9.


Musical delicacies in holy, castle and divine places

Genius loci of Lednice-Valtice area co-creates the atmosphere of the festival since its beginning. Therefore, the festival is directly connected with the traditions of the Liechtenstein estate, whose representatives always held hunting parties in the premises and invited European nobility to musical experiences. This year’s festival edition will bring you not only to the aforementioned Moravský Krumlov, which is the new location of the LVMF, but also to the lecture in the newly renovated Chateau Lány located near Mansion Pohansko. Other venues include Valtice Castle Riding Hall, Valtice Castle Theatre, Temple of Diana (also known as Rendez-vous), Chateau Mikulov, Lednice Chateau Riding Hall and Church of St. James the Elder in Lednice.


Chateau Lány


Alongside the mentioned ones, ensembles performing at the LVMF 2024 include Collegium Marianum, Alinde quintet, Clarimonia Ensemble, Bratislava Hot Serenaders & Serenaders Sisters (SK), Musica Florea, Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, Brno Philharmonic and Gaudeamus Brno.

The performers were invited by the sensitive choice of the LVMF artistic director, Jiří Partyka. Unusual experiences in the locations of the Lednice-Valtice area will be presented by Maxim Vengerov (violin), Jana Semerádová (flauto traverso), Josef Špaček (violin), Miroslav Sekera (piano), Irvin Venyš (clarinet), Jan Šťastný (narrator), Martina Masaryková (soprano), Veronika Rovná (soprano), Veronika Hajnová (mezzo-soprano), Richard Samek (tenor) and Roman Janál (baritone).

Jana Semerádová


Symbolism of Freemasonic humanity, intellect and emotion

Partyka foreshadows: “Personally, music and Freemasonry have a similar and strong nature. It is about focusing attention on this world, truthfulness and striving for the ethical and moral quality of man, for the betterment of self.” He further adds: “Musical programmes include composition of a prominent Prussian ruler Frederick the Great together with the works of his Freemasonic contemporaries J. G. Graun, C. Ph. E. Bach or C. F. Abel. Lednice Riding Hall will be resounded by the compositions of Freemasonic composers Jean Sibelius and Franz Liszt. An evening full of Freemasonic songs and modern premieres will take place in the Valtice Castle Theatre.”

Highlight-worthy is the 6th concert of this year’s LVMF, taking the programme beyond the classical world. The concert goers will be transferred into the 20th century – an era when the Sweet and Dance Music is imported to Europe from the USA. Homage to Duke Ellington, Freemasonic American jazz magician, in the authentic interpretation by Bratislava Hot Serenaders in Chateau Mikulov.

Bratislava Hot Serenaders


What to do before the concert evening

While the evenings belong to concerts, the remaining time is complemented by the festival off-programme for visitors and tourists. An exhibition, an educational concert for the the South Moravian primary schools performed by the Brno Philharmonic, music and art workshops for primary school children and two expert lectures will take place. At the first lecture, landscape architect and lecturer doc. Ing. Přemysl Krejčiřík, Ph.D will reveal the secrets of Lednice Park and its Masonic garden. The second one, led by composer, musicologist and university professor prof. PhDr. MgA. Miloš Štědroň, CSc., will tell more about the Freemasons and the Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Notation of a green silence

The genius of music is still with us. Come and enjoy its most original works during the festival days. Hall of the Masonic Garden in the Lednice Chateau park offers a lot of space both for standing and sitting. You will find it near the well-known walking circuit leading around the castle pond to the minaret. Even though only the torso of the garden has been preserved, it is a place with a strong story. The garden was created between the years 1791–1799 based on the Baroque project where fir trees and flowers formed geometric shapes. Unpreserved architectural gem Sterntempel, also known as Sun Temple, stood in the centre of the place where the eight axes converged. The Masonic Garden in Lednice is a silent message from the ancestors written in green. The Lednice-Valtice Music Festival is its musical sibling.



Let us be enchanted by the musicality of the Masonic garden.

Tickets on sale now!

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