The Lednice-Valtice Music Festival 2023 received standing ovations for its musical delights and a program supported by world-class rising stars

At the beginning, it seemed like a risk that few could afford – the dramaturgy of a music festival based on young talents and performers under 25 years old. From the opening concert of the LVMF in the sold out Riding Hall of Valtice Castle, it was clear that classical music performed by barely adult musicians speaks understandably, authentically, and naturally to the widest audience.

This year’s festival took place with the great favor of the audience, weather, performers, and the professional community. Autumn in the Lednice-Valtice area was practically full of stars,” summarizes Jiří Partyka, Director of LVMF and its artistic director, a classical music festival celebrated at the Lichtenstein monuments in South Moravia from September 23rd for 14 days. “Eight sold-out halls and standing ovations are a reward for us and the artists, but also good news that young musicians, in addition to their technical expertise and knowledge, have the gift to communicate and interpret the stories that composers embed in their works through music,” Partyka emphasized the performances of the barely adult artists.

In addition to the eight main concerts, LVMF 2023 also featured a supporting exhibition by the young Czech-American Annushka Litchie in Poštorná near Břeclav, a lecture about the Valtice native and musician J. M. Sperger, and educational programs that introduce children to music and culture in an engaging way.



Autumn Full of Stars

Preparing a music festival of such scale and focus is work that extends beyond the typical year. However, the result is well worth it when you see the names of performers from the United States, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and, of course, the Czech Republic in the program catalogue. Young artists were accompanied by renowned orchestras, and in several cases, rising stars shared the concert stage with their teachers or musical inspirations. “The artists who accepted the invitation to LVMF this year are considered rising stars in the world of classical music, all under 25 years of age. But the truth is that they are true geniuses and dedicated individuals who have been pursuing their ‘craft’ since the age of 3. They have earned accolades in major international competitions, where they had to literally fight their way through or be nominated,” explained Partyka, the main dramaturg of LVMF 2023.

At castles and other historical sites, festival visitors enjoyed pieces by classical composers performed by Czech and foreign artists. They experienced the skills of violinists such as Daniel Matejča, Marie Hasoňová, Iva Svobodová Kramperová, Matteo Hagger, oboist Tereza Tourková, double bassist Indi Stivín, pianist Matyáš Novák, conductor Nikol Kraft, soprano Adéla Řehořová, violinist Michelle Stern (USA), pianist Maxim Lando (USA), soprano Daria Kolisan (UA), bass-baritone Yurii Strakhov (UA), and hornist Victor Teodosiev (BUL).


The most frequently performed composer, due to the program of the 3rd concert (Mozartiana at the Lichtenstein Palace in Prague), was W. A. Mozart. However, the festival also featured music by J. M. Sperger, J. Ch. Bach, L. v. Beethoven, D. D. Shostakovich, and less-known contemporary composers.



Generational Symbiosis

The art of young stars was supported by their colleagues from renowned orchestras and also by masters of their craft. Václav Hudeček, the Brno Philharmonic conducted by Tomáš Netopil, PKF – Prague Philharmonia, Barocco sempre giovane, the Wranitzky Kapelle, and the boys’ choir Boni pueri conducted by Marek Štilec, as well as the Orquestrina Baborak led by one of the world’s best hornists, Radek Baborák, were present.

The festival began with its Prologue in August, when a part of it took place at the newly rediscovered Katzelsdorf Castle. One of the concerts was held in Prague, in the Palace Liechtenstein on the Malostranské naměstí, as the Lichtenstein family and their architects connect the central location of LVMF with the capital of our country. “However, the main locations of the festival include the castles of Lednice, Valtice, and Mikulov. One autumn evening, we illuminated the Pohansko Pavilion for a concert of the ‘American Sonata’ and reminded that music and architecture are a life-giving essence for both sides,” says Partyka.



Ingredients of Growth and Responsibility

The entire essence and acceptance of the festival can be described with many adjectives. The music event reflects similar elements as music and composition; it has its creators and listeners, supporters, rhythm, melody, contrast, and progression. “Supporters and partners create an additional dimension of the festival. In many cases, they include artists, such as specialists in fields like floristry, fashion, and decorative design, as well as transport companies that make less accessible locations in the Lednicko-Valtické area accessible to visitors,” Partyka points out the production background of LVMF.


Most concerts were recorded both in sound and visuals. The selection will be placed on the LVMF festival’s YouTube channel, which currently has 21,300 subscribers.

According to Partyka, collaboration with festival partners also indicates that corporate social responsibility in the 3rd millennium is not only directed towards projects for the most needy but also acts in favor of culture and cultural life. The benefit from it is also enjoyed by people living, studying, working, and raising children in the region. The festival itself also strives for social solidarity. People associated with it have, for example, contributed to the excavation and cleaning of forgotten walls of the Katzelsdorf Castle above Valtice during the pandemic or to the restoration of parts of the St. James the Elder Church in Lednice.



2024: Ninth Edition and the Anniversary of the Czech Republic’s EU Accession

In less than a year, we will meet again at the Lednice-Valtice Music Festival. LVMF 2024 will introduce an innovative program, this time inspired by the Freemason Garden in the Lednice Park, enhanced by the twenty-year anniversary of the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU. Audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy themes in the LVA locations and nearby towns. Compositions by outstanding authors will be performed by top artists, with the main festival star expected to be the violin virtuoso Maxim Vengerov. “We will offer the audience musical experiences from September 28 to October 12, 2024, with a Prologue on September 14, 2024,” concludes Partyka.



Condolence from the colleagues of the Lednicko-Valtické Music Festival 2023

A memory we will cherish…

We carefully considered how to act on the day when our friend, a singer and resident artist of the festival, changed her plans. Together with the musicians, we dedicated a concert to Patricia Burda Janečková on October 6, 2023, in the church of St. James the Elder, with the fitting title “Regina Coeli.”

Patricia, you remain in our hearts, may your singing stand out even in the new world.



Musical premieres at LVMF 2023

24th September, Valtice Castle Theater

Barocco sempre giovane, Indi Stivín, Double Bass, Conductor; Tereza Tourková, Oboe

Johann Christian Bach Sinfonia in D – Valtická Music Collection A 42 152 (World Premiere)

Johann Matthias Sperger Concerto in B Minor No. 3 for Double Bass and Orchestra (Modern Czech Premiere) Indi Stivín Valtická Fantasy “Hommage à J. M. Sperger” (World Premiere)


6th October, St. James the Elder Church, Lednice Castle

Boni pueri, Wranitzky Kapelle, Marek Štilec, Conductor

Leopold Hofmann Regina Coeli (World Premiere), ODH MZM – Valtická Music Collection A 42 248




LVMF 2023 took place from September 23rd to October 7th, with the festival’s prologue held on August 26th.

  • The DNA of LVMF cares for innovative dramaturgy, the selection of locations, and the connection of life-giving music and culture with the architectural heritage of South Moravia and draws from the Valtice music collection.
  • The dramaturgy of LVMF 2023 presented the theme and art of “Rising Stars,” young artists under 25, musical geniuses who have achieved success in international competitions as well as on concert stages.
  • The “Rising Stars” performed side by side with significant orchestras and often with their mentors and musical role models.
  • The locations of LVMF 2023 are situated in the Lednice-Valtice complex and within the spaces of Liechtenstein’s monuments outside of it.
  • LVMF discovers new locations every year, breathing life and life-sustaining culture into them, as was the case this year with the Katzelsdorf Salet.
  • There were 8 main concerts, and the audience appreciated five musical premieres, three of which were world premieres.
  • Representatives of Liechtenstein regularly attend the festival, as LVMF invites them out of respect for the historical care of the environment and the cultivation of the landscape.
  • After the beautiful sounds of the concerts, the delightful notes of South Moravian wines follow, as their craft is also an integral part of the local culture.

The accompanying programs of LVMF always emphasize education equals entertainment.



Partner of the festival

The festival is realized with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the South Moravian Region, and the cities of Břeclav, Valtice, Mikulov, and the municipality of Lednice.

For the seventh time, the general partner of the festival is ZFP Akademie, a.s., a member of the ZFP Group.


The main partners of the concerts are the companies Stavební firma PLUS, s.r.o., ALBAForm Inc., MND, a.s., Alcadrain, s.r.o., and AGROSTROJ Pelhřimov, a.s.

The official carrier of LVMF 2023 is Agrotec Group.

The main media partners of the festival are Česká televize (Czech Television) and Deník.

Thanks to OSA – Ochranný svaz autorský pro práva k dílům hudebním, z.s., for their support of musical works.

Thanks to ČEPS, a.s. for supporting the educational program for elementary school children.

The festival is held under the patronage of the President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, Mgr. Martin Baxa, and the Governor of the South Moravian Region, Mgr. Jan Grolich.

The complete partnership structure of the Lednice-Valtice Music Festival 2023 is available here.








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