Winery Obelisk

The building of the Winery Obelisk was built in 2017 above Valtice on the site where an obelisk – built under Johann I Joseph, Prince of Liechtenstein – probably stood before. It was the legacy of this family that was the focus of the members of the Brno-based AiD studio, headed by Hana and Pavel Bainar, who visually and ideologically connected the building with local monuments and landscape. The temple of wine, which evokes an almost abstract form of a slab supported by three rows of columns, stands on a green horizon and its glass upper floor offers a view of the vineyards, Valtice and Pálava. The aesthetics of the building was based on natural colours (beige, honey, brown, grey) and materials (wood and stone, complemented by glass, steel and concrete). The building is divided into two basic zones: the processing plant is located on two basement floors; the lounge, shop and tasting room are located above ground. It is here that a reference to the Baroque interior of the nearby Valtice castle is made in the form of a wooden marquetry with motifs of the nearby game preserve by the Czech-Ghanaian artist Natalie Perkof. She convinced the owners that the wooden ceiling would suit the building better than wallpaper, and by combining different coloured veneers, she created a work that blended in perfectly with the surrounding environment.

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